Music run by everyone.

There is no one better to recommend music than the people who know you best.

How Does It Work?

AuxBox lets you open a collaborative music channel! Link your Apple Music or Spotify account and invite friends to create a playlist people won’t stop listening to. Can’t decide on which songs to add? You can preview music straight from the channel’s search results! Then, like or dislike a song to move it up or down the queue. Joining a channel is easy! You can do so through QR code, channel ID or link.

Why AuxBox?

Only The Host Needs A Music Subscription

AuxBox allows anyone to join a channel, even if they don't have a premium music subscription!

Channel History

Heard a song that you liked but forgot the name? Check the channel history! All songs appear in the order they were played.

Easily Share Channels

Easily share channels with your friends. From sending them a link to letting them scan a QR code, AuxBox makes sharing and joining channels fast and easy!

Voting System

Members can like or dislike songs in a channel’s queue, so the most popular songs get played first!

The Host Has Full Control

AuxBox gives the channel host full control over their channel. They can play any song they wish in addition to deleting and reordering songs in the queue!

Preview Music

Debating on whether or not to add a song? Any channel member can look up and preview music straight from the channel’s search results!

The Voting System

One of the things that makes AuxBox  special is its unique voting system. Anyone in the channel can cast their vote on any song. The higher the rating of a song, the higher it appears in the queue.

Channel History

You know that feeling when you hear a good song but aren’t fast enough to catch its name? With Channel History you can view what songs were already played, your contributions, and the songs that received the highest ratings. You’ll never lose a good song again!

Go ahead. Give it a try...

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