About AuxBox

AuxBox started as a hackathon project named¬†“AuxPlz”¬†for the HackGT hackathon in 2018. After placing as one of the top 8 projects of the hackathon, we decided to go full throttle on the project and continue its development. From October 2018 to June 2019 we’ve spent countless hours trying to perfect the app and bring forward our vision for the future of music sharing and engagement. We’ve added various unique features like channel history, song previews, a voting system, and much more to ensure that AuxBox delivers to be one of the best music sharing apps on the market. We are continuing AuxBox’s development and bringing improvements to make AuxBox fun and easy to use in any occasion.

Our Team

Image of Akhil

Akhil Kulkarni

Cofounder, COO, and CFO of Spectre

Student at Georgia Institute of Technology

Shahar Ben-Dor

Cofounder and CEO of Spectre, Head of Development and Design

Student at Georgia Institute of Technology

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